No point in time wasting,
your a space invader.
Taking up lodgement in my head,
i want you cleared out.
Cause frankly to me you lie died,
burned out the body, that was engraved in my mind.
Gotta stop thinking about you, its a waste of time.
Cause I wanna scream so loud at you,
telling you to go fuck off away from me
to tell you I don’t care about what ever girl,
telling you to open those eyes and see,
watch as I walk away, you’ve lost/ losing me.
But its barely true!
You’ve fucked up and one day soon,
ill have to get over you.
And you’ll say to your friends I meant nothing,
Do you cry when they aint looking?
And you can tell the next girl you never loved me.
(youd be lying and we know its true.)
put a ring on her finger too!!
Your fucked up out of luck.
I put so much more then money on you, you’ve lost my trust!
So Fuck you.
My darling death ray,
fuck you.
Its not ok,
what you’ve done, what i’v been dragged through.
I’ll run right to Portland,
all to get away from you.
Come scream the truth,
why cant i get away for you!
Oh fuck you,
get over your self
one day soon you’ll wonder why you are left on the shelf.
How long will it take for you to understand....
years in our wake ill be holding another hand.....
fuck me,
don’t understand
how letting go hurts so bad.
Life without you is bland and no longer blue
you’ve taken the light but ill get through,
the darkness is here to make me see
how good clear can truly be.
Fuck this,
I’m getting over it.

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