Numb or raw
Like the feeling between my thighs?
The feelings of a missing child.
As a women,
Let me explain what being a women means.
Giving yourself wholely,
To someone who won’t give anything but dick back.
Love me whispering off my lips.
Yet the bruises can’t be hidden,
Of the men who once claimed this: hallow ground,
I’m a piece of land,
It’s profound!
The ownership a relationship is meant to be.
Bruise me, use me like I’m anything
And nothing all at once.
Do you know what it’s like for a guy to switch out your tablets, to get you pregnant then beat you when you miscarry?
A bite mark on my face so I wouldn’t talk to another guy.
Your hand forcefully down my knickers between my thighs....
I was sexually assaulted more than I care to count.
A hand under a dress,
My dads boss sure it’s just touching between my legs,
A hand on my arse?
Take it as a compliment.
My friend
My boyfriend
The word isn’t tasteless,
It’s stale and raw.
Like I was when you took it from me.
A nurse asking why was I so “silly” to let a guy come in me!
I was just 18 alone and afraid!!!
Bruises on my wrist became a familiar pain,
Bruises on my neck a familiar mark to cover.
I’m talking of just physical pain but so many men have mentally sacred and tormented me.
Tell me I’m a bitch!
Call me stupid?
Laugh when I tried to run...
Laugh when I tired to kill myself.
Hold my animals over my head,
Kill someone and tell me you wished it was me dead.
Do you know what it’s like having a women gyno ask you how many times it’s hurt or how much do you bleed?
Telling you you’re seriously sacred you know?
Telling you I’m sorry...
The baby you didn’t even want won’t be born.
“It’s a better world”
Who are we lying to?
I’m glad my children didn’t make it to...
Cause seriously I don’t want them to see....
The stories so many of us women know,
The stories aren’t rumours.
They are true they are past present can we change that future?
The pain that women have to go through...
Them women are you.

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