This pain,
burning yearning...
deep inside of me.
Screaming within the walls of my very skin.
Ripping and scratching aching knowing that,
deep down i know you....
like no other!
You know me more then i know myself,
a map you have seen and traced.
like i know every freckle and bump
every scar tattoo and lump.
Tracing your lines in time,
while you trace mine growning fine.
I cant quite reach back to the times,
I remember seeing you in my mind.
Imagines flashing then I remember,
Wicklow goal....
being so cold.
You laughing with Gary running cell to cell right in front of me my sister and her then fella....
and how do i remember this?
cause I bent down to look as you took your head from the stand.
Thinking “what a man”.
I remember you bent,
on knees....
blue jeans.....
long black coat.
I thought it was some weird joke,
until i seen the photo of you today.
Bent that way.
I remember you before even meeting you....
I remember who,
I used to be.
Back then you doubtfully didn’t notice me,
a total bitch left alone.
A loner on her own reading each and ever piece of information from wall to wall,
to scared of the feelings in the old prison to stay too long....
in each room
the girl who tripped up the old stairs....
hearing your laugh in the air so clear.
I’m going mad I fear!
What else can I do without you here?
In a jail I think was the first time actually seeing you,
and now its all I see you in.
That’s the ironic thing,
about being human.

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