(all you do is lie to me)

Don’t do this...
don’t bother.
Don’t question,
why i’m so like your mother.
You said something the other night that frankly made me loss a lot of sight
in our stupid private plight.
You said how your mam is light and you are dark and how me and her,
aint too far apart and how thats how we dont get on.
How we seem to clash and crash and fight but how....
how is it you dont noticed that thats what keeps us alive
in love....
Fighting to try figure it out.
Like ying and yang,
the dark and light.
Each one holding a part of the other.
I’m not your mother.
Yet days later you again piss off
to god knows where
and i’m so angry
and bitter that i’m sick of this you hear!
I’m so fucking pissed at this broken beaten up shit.
I’m sick of you telling me to get over it.
So darling just run away
cause clearly its ok
to just run and leave
at the drop of a rain drop
your shit never stops.
And god you can be so sweet,
kissing my head,
claiming me in bed,
loving me as you do...
but this new person is only half of you.
And god I love you and you say it back but i don’t feel like you mean that,
I feel like you despise the life I have.
yet you don’t notice how bad it gets,
how fucked up this shit is.
You fail to see how I’ve been,
trying to push past the past.
To let this work out at last,
giving up the idea of what people think.
About all the bad that’s turned you into a shadow of the man I loved.
Yet I don’t think he’ll ever be free, from that dark force you use to push me.
And again and again I’m down and I’m done.
I’m beaten I’m subdued and defeated
and again when you call I’ll come back when you finish your “fun”
just like I’ve done its a blinding fact.
that you own me,
and I wish I could claim you didn’t
but so many see.
No matter what you’ll forever somehow hate me.
Leave me as you always do,
one day you leave and I’ll get over this hurt for you.

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