They wanted to know
If I’d tasted the Rye
When they asked for the truth
With a wink of an eye.
“Tell us your story,
Not a Gallic lie,
Have you ever seen
A dragon Fly?”
Well I had to answer,
I’m that kind of guy,
“For sure I’ve seen it  
'Cross the winter’s sky!”
“And another thing, it knows of Me!
That beast did call me  Eye”.
They all gasp and demanded more
As they boarded and latched the bar-room door
So I did not refuse them, I enlightened them all
I told them what happened as I saw it fall.
“O’er the Lock, it’s tail was streaming,
(I was awake but Eye was dreaming)
It crashed to earth, oh me, oh my!
(The Bar-room was silent, a tear in each eye”)
“Now, I say
It’s been many years no Eye has seen
That fiery fable of elusive green,
That one who vanished in a mystic mist
Leaving a story with a lyrical twist.
Another story may find a time
If it’s truly Irish and has a rhyme
About I and Eye that did Nary a crime
And a dragon as green as a bartender’s lime.


Orig. written in 1985, using "JEF" ... many rewrites.

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