I scream in horror while he dragged me out of my bed, into the dark. My fingers dreadfully try to grasp on to something to keep me from disappearing. My eyes are stretched wide, hoping to get a glimpse of the man in the dark. I fought tirelessly until my body drained all of the energy I had left in me. I then easily gave up any feeling of expectation for someone to rescue me. I realized that this was no fairytale as I slid into a never happy ending. I desperately and hopelessly screamed for help that I even felt my throat sweltering, but not even the slightest sound slipped through my lips. Everything was brutally inaudible.. Until I saw a light. The purest light I’ve ever seen. I knew it was you. It had to be you. I didn’t see your face, nor did I hear you speak, but a river of relief washed over me, leaving me motionless. The closer you came to me, the lighter everything seemed. I hadn’t realized that the man in the dark was gone. It didn’t occur to me that you never even placed a finger on him because he simply vanished. When you have all the light you need, the darkness is no match.. You picked me up and you held me into your embrace. Then I really knew. Your scent, the familiar beat of your heart, the way you held me.. My golden angel.
And then you finally spoke.

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k tha phantom.
circa 4 anni

very well written. thank you.

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Sinethemba Nyawose k tha phantom.

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