The Way

Your hands.
The way they hold my face as your lips meet mine,
and as your sweet lips kiss my face.
Your arms
The way they hold me and cradle me like a baby, keeping me warm and reassuring my safety.
Your eyes.
Your eyes that noticed me... The way they gaze into mine sends me on a galactic space ride,
visiting all of the stars and the moon all at once.
Your smile.
As the corners of my mouth rise without hesitation, I can’t help but to smile back.
Your love...
Your love is so breathtakingly beautiful.
The greatest love I have ever known..
My love for you is like a never ending river. Never stopping, but always flowing. So much more to give, and will never run out.
Our love is sweeter
than any of the world’s finest fruit.
A love so strong that
It forces all of my fears to leave my heart.
It is brighter than any sun,
and places courage into my soul.
It is the way you say what I am thinking,
or when you know and feel when something isn’t right.
It is the way you love me,
and it’s how I know that
You and love are the same.

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