My face remains blank
as you whisper sweet nothings into my ear as
you already invent empty promises.
You begin to pry at the spots that you think are weak and I lead you to think that you’ve
got me wrapped around your numbed fingers.
You give me that disgusted
wicked grin that most girls would fall so hard for. They end up landing so hard with no one to catch them, that you could hear their heart crack into four pieces and every vein snap, losing all hope in love, automatically convinced that love doesn’t love them.
But you couldn’t fool me.
As they are blinded by your seductive charm,
they only crave lust.
I crave love.
You are colder than the eyes of any kind of snake, sending the worst kinds of shivers,
slivering down my spine, creating the intolerable feeling of being around your presence.
You are dark and I am light.
You exist no more.

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