I killed a man today, Mum.
    Don’t worry, they said it was for a good cause.
They said he was a nuisance to society, Mum.
    They said he was a bastard child with no education
Worthless to the world and a burden to his family, Mum.
    A drunkard and a drug abuser
With a few too many people in his head.
    It wasn’t right, Mum, he was manic or at least sick.
Far from the graces of anyone’s God,
    Nobody was going to save him, Mum.
He looked a lot like me, Mum, with curly brown hair.
    I could see the fear in his eyes,
Felt it in my bones too, Mum;
    That fear of death and the unknown we all have.
It was just a short drop to a sudden stop, Mum.
    They’ll say I didn’t feel any pain,
And don’t worry, I didn’t feel a thing;
    But please don’t look at the mess I made.
Sorry, Mum, but I got to go.
    Someone saw me on this ledge, soon they’ll try and talk me off.
I’ll make sure they give  you this note, Mum.
    I hope to see you again someday.
Maybe in a better place we’ll get more time together.
    Maybe now my sins will be forgiven.
Love you, Mum
    Your Son.

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Mr Moonlight
Environ 4 ans

Extremely heartfelt. I hope the Son was talked down, he has a wonderful talent.


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