The older I get the more that I see,
There really is no light inside me.
It’s all thistles and thorns,
A life that’s quite torn.
I look in the mirror and what do I see?
A monster to scary to describe unto thee.
It is like a dark spot in this world so bright,
And me, all I want to do is fight.
Frankly I don’t know that I want to change,
I guess that just makes me really quite strange.
I live quite different from how I was raised,
End up wasting three-fourths of my days.
Into their boxes they try and shove me,
But my head is too large with my brain of a flea.
If this all sounds quite oxymoronic,
Take a small moment to look through my eyes.
If everyone dies,
And only a few live,
We may as well give it all that we have.
So I gave it my all and what do I see,
Everyone ends up confusing me.
So I live as I please,
The monster that is me,
I roar at my enemies,
Won’t fall to my knees
I don’t live life to please all those I see,
I merely live it to be all I can be.
So if my monstrous shape,
Or the odd way I think,
Cause you to squirm,
Well just think of me as a worm.
Your thoughts won’t make or break me,
I have been thought of as worse
Been used as a curse.
I have seen life’s highs,
And most of her lows.
She showed them to the monster in me..
And maybe, just maybe
One day she will see,
That through the all the struggles
The light that could be
Is really quite there
As small as can be.
It is growing again,
Being rekindled with love
From our Great Father above.
He has many names
There are many ways to praise,
But I am not here to discuss those today.
I just wanted to say
I am growing and changing,
Leaning to see,
Learning to be,
The monster in me.

Troubled times, Life, Darkness, Monsters, Understanding, Changing, Thinking

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presque 5 ans

I relate very well... Read mine .. The Phoenix the raven the snake and the Queen ... U may relate as well ..

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