Fuck this shit,
So tired of all of it!
You wanna see some poetry devotion,
Want me to break down and give you raw emotion,
Buckle up! Anger is the first one will ride, the first one to pour forth from deep down inside,
The one that’s easy to abuse, 
Right now it’s the one easiest to use.
And use it I will, 
Use it to kill,
    In my mind end your life,
To get rid of all this fucking pain and strife,
The first one I associate with my cheating, conniving, manipulating, whore ass, ex-wife.
She must thought I wouldn’t notice, but I did, clear as day, 
So fucking obvious,
“I’m sorry,” is all she had to say.
Makes  me want to die, 
Every time I have to look my oldest son in the eye, 
Every time my youngest boy doesn’t want to leave and cries,
Every time middle son constantly asks me why.
Oh shit... call in the Hearst!
Who would of thought this situation can get any worse, 
Must be fucking cursed!
I finally think I’m standing decent enough on my feet, then I’m knocked down falling,
Eyes closed recalling,
Dazed on the ground,
Confused, looking all around.
Then I see her, wow... and it all makes sense.
Only for a brief wonderful moment,
I gave in, let her in,
I let go of the dark,
Let her have a tiny piece of my heart, I started to care, 
I saw the sunshine through her eyes,
I felt her warmth on my cold bones,
I found a passion I thought I lost,
I opened up, to let her pour over me, 
I allowed her to consume me.
Once again, 
That all to familiar suspicious feeling creeped up my spine,
Letting me know everything was not fine.
Once again,
My light dims  because she has eyes 
for my friend.


Never let your guard down

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Danny MF'n Stone
over 6 years

Hey no worries Amanda, I haven't had much time to read anybodys poems. I feel bad.

Amanda Laughman
over 6 years

sorry haven't been on in FOREVER it seems. So busy over summer then had school, so much homework and extracurricular activities.

Danny MF'n Stone
almost 7 years

Thanks appreciate it

almost 7 years

geez bro, I've been there, you did well putting it in words.

Danny MF'n Stone
almost 7 years

Thanks Amanda!

Amanda Laughman
almost 7 years

love it!!!! I can relate.

Danny MF'n Stone
almost 7 years

Thanks Hawk! Means a lot coming from you.

almost 7 years

Danny boy, brilliant as always!

Danny MF'n Stone
almost 7 years

Thanks man!

james matthew coleman
almost 7 years

hate when that happens... very lyrical, good stuff

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