My beliefs are scattered, 
Just like my brain,
Am I alive, is this real? Having me question whether I’m insane,
Must be delusional, think I severed a main vein!
Thinking about jumping in front of a moving train, 
To end all these endless thoughts and pain.
In just this case, 
My mind is in a different place, 
and If your not careful you just might taste,
Steady blows of my fist to your face,
So the best thing to do now, is just make haste, 
Because when I unleash this beast their wont be much left to waste!
So don’t you linger,
Next time you see me I’ll be walking the streets looking around with pointed finger,
To find someone else to blame, 
Yelling at the sky asking someone to explain,
Oh yeah, I must be insane!


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Robert L. Martin
about 4 years

People can drive you nuts, allright

Danny MF'n Stone
about 6 years

Thanks James, appreciate it.

Danny MF'n Stone
about 6 years

Thank you :)

Carly Dean
about 6 years

Yeah, this does make me think more of insanity :) ^^ Like I said, you are a really good writer.

james matthew coleman
about 6 years

I like this, especially the finger pointing. Good work.

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