I was in the process of dying real slow,
Couldn’t decide which way to go,
Deep down I fell,
To pay a visit to hell,
I was visitor number 3 billion 69,
“Jesus Christ” I said to myself in line,
Then boom, I turned my back and he was there just like that,
He said “hey dude if you’re tired of the wait, just come on up to the Pearly Gate”,
I looked down at my wrist,
All I saw was an empty fist,
“Eh, fuck it I got time,
Are you sure though,
I’ve done some crime?”
“There is a cure to wash those sins,
A thought that’s pure must come from within,”
he replied with a holier-than-thou grin.
Fuck that shit,
The only thing I could think of was ass and tits,
Then I really tried to concentrate,
Out of nowhere,
I thought of the last pussy I ate,
“Fuck!” I said out loud,
“Hey man you should just try someone else out in this crowd,”
I pulled out my oney and watched him go,
As the smoke surrounded my personal limbo.


A dream I had

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Danny MF'n Stone
about 5 years

it was weird, andI'm not the greatest at remembering my dreams. But I somehow went back to Earth and everyone knew I came up from hell, it turned out my whole life I was in hell or something? There was alot more that happened, I didn't understand it haha.

Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

That was a classic. Where did you finally end up, or was that the end of the dream?

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