I Had Dr. Seuss in mind when I wrote this.

Hello again, hello again!
My pal, my little friend!
Here I am again when your at your wits end.
When you don’t want to feel, 
I’ll lift your spirits! Here! Take this magic pill!
What is this you ask? No worries, here’s some water, here’s a glass.
What’s it do? You intrude. Well it makes you mello, makes you jello, makes life bearable, makes life fun, gets you through the day, makes you numb.
Many positively negative things it can do,
It’s your view point, it’s up to you!
So take a swig put it in your tummy,
It’s food for your mind an can be quite yummy!
Who am I? Oh just a friend, I was quietly lurking around that dark bend.
But with all sincerity, I’ll keep it on the level, the ones that know me the best might call me the devil.


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Danny MF'n Stone
over 6 years

Hahaha! Glad you like it!

Danny MF'n Stone
over 6 years

Thank you!

over 6 years

Oh my gosh I love it :)

over 6 years

It's like I think it, and you write it! Very good

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