A little poem I thought of after working with persons with special needs and getting a glimpse of what life is like for them and the struggles they face.

They left me alone
To sit and be on my own
They left me to die
They feared to be by my side
The end was so near
My whole body shook with fear
I closed my eyes
Prayed for the Lord to pass me by
I am not like them
So we never became friends
My body made uniquely
Not exactly two arms and two legs
So they say I am not natural
I’m just way too unusual
Their strengths  are my weakness
My beauty dwells in meekness
It was a struggle to fit in
It’s way too hard to do their thing
Just before my last breath
A loving hand on my chest
Bright eyes filled with love
Said to me “You’ll make it son”
God bless those who help the “Special”
Your truly all angels sent down to man
From the view of the special community
Keep the faith as you show you truly
Have a heart made of gold
The hand of God make you bold


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David Duncan
más de 4 años

Thank you both

más de 4 años

A powerful poem. Thank you for sharing David

Charlotte B. Williams
más de 4 años

Very nice poem, every one is special in some way, You have a caring heart,
to care for people in need, and that is special about you.

David Duncan
más de 4 años

We all wish to be, and that our loved ones will be also. Those among us though that aren't need or love and affection to help them push on despite their inhibitions, as they also have a lot to contribute to our lives.

Robert L. Martin
más de 4 años

Before my daughter was born, I prayed that she would be healthy, happy, and intelligent. I was very lucky. She was all three of them.

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