You try, you fail, you cry, you sigh
You ask the Lord Jesus
Why, why, why
Pack your bags in a heated rage
Cuss your friends and shave your beard
Go down a road  you’ve seen before
Then say “oh no” I should not follow
Then that feeling deep down inside
Pulls at the heart and weaken your thighs
Saying out loud just one more try
With great conviction you say “hell no”
This one more time I will not go
But to your great shock, you march right back
To a land that you forgot
Beauty now dwells at the door of hate
Created the day you forgot faith
Goodness and mercy your good friends
Said they would never let you go again
The angel of love that you don’t trust
Sent by the Lord you’re not sure of
To save a soul that’s been made rough
By life’s adventures to make you tough


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