A moment shared with you
Not long, maybe a hour or two
Only time enough to say howdy-do
Made me see what I never thought was true
Magic is released when I’m  around you
A simple look in your eyes and my heart skips two
Tightening in the chest like I’m getting the flu
Eyes open wide at the beauty of you
Changed by time to a new you
A masterpiece still to be discovered
A rare rose waiting to be honoured
A familiar smile that gives me shivers
One day I’ll have the courage to say
My dear I love you in a very special way
Until then this poem will do
To the angel it’s written too
No need to call a name you know it’s you
This my heart being poured out to you


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Robert L. Martin
almost 4 years

You're welcome

Robert L. Martin
almost 4 years

nice love poem

David Duncan
David Duncan
almost 4 years

Thank you and I really appreciate you commenting on my poems

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