Perspective they say is needed everyday
To see and know your always okay
Look at the world as it really is
See the wondrous beauty that lies within
Take two steps back and then two more
Take time from the game and close the door
Then as it emerges from the cloud so thick
I realize a hopeless romantic
Chasing dreams of shadows not real
Creating the world I see in my dream
Hold on tight to a close friend
Grab her arm as she calls her friend
Perspective then suddenly hit
I’m a fool for believing it
My dream so real I did believe
A lie I made myself deceive


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David Duncan
almost 4 years

Yes, indeed some dreams we should strive to achieve as they will greatly bless our lives. Just not this one.

Charlotte B. Williams
almost 4 years

Dreams can become reality though, some dreams are very good and should come true. Why not ?

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