1. A vast silence
If I could sing to you now I would
I want you near me as I breathe
The snow mountain rising behind your smile
An eagle circling above the water
We reach through bitter darkness for each other
You were hidden, and your suffering confused me
The shallow rocky ocean is warm and surprising
2. Please don’t go
I walk into the room where the hotel owner was killed
My daughter was visiting and you went away
You went away.  Please don’t go.
You wanted me to say that but I couldn’t.
It was so cold by the open window
Where your papers are piled up
Next to your brave memory
3. A secret
Sometimes Hebrew words
Crack open a secret wound
It’s not secret now if I can tell you
What I need to hear and say to you
It’s been so long since we whispered to each other
I’m inside and I can’t hear you
Will you open a flower one of these days?
4. I remember the confusion
I remember the confusion
You were hurting and I was hurting you
I was forever sorry, and I went to the movies
Where I was so afraid of being alone
On a bed in Sweden we made love in the afternoon
On a sunny beach with you I felt like I had everything
So many times, so many times, your arms around me
5. Your breast
Your breast is a warm and comfortable thrill
It is morning and I can see you sailing away
Under the covers, and I am not alone
If I put my arm around you now
I remember the paper I signed
Saying I wouldn’t touch you until this evening
When the room is filled with tiny fish and glittering clouds of dust
6. That suitcase
I looked at that antique suitcase again and again
I climbed on the rocks until I fell all the way down
The stairs to a door that never opened
My heart opened to the sky and your prophetic words
We went together to tell everyone but they were not where we left them
How beautiful the road you travel over and over
There is no music but your voice


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