a journey of love in eight parts, for shoshana

1.  the river
waiting by the side of the river
stones and leaves, little floating
twigs fill me with a deep deep sleep
i dream of you
who is watching me? what
breezes blow these dust specks in
the sunlight? i will always watch
the water tumble and play
the sound of the river is like your voice
endless splashing, tiny fish, skittering insects
i will listen for a long time to these riddles
lily petals drift by
2.  bolt of lightning
i never saw the single bolt of lightning
you were not there yet
behind me ghastly storm clouds
the rocket lifts off now
with thoughts of you and kindness
silent birds who don’t know what to say
you tell them my name
i can’t say the square is filled
with chirping birds
the heaving waves i sigh beneath
3.  the miner’s cave
how i gouge this tunnel
through your hidden earthy stories
slither dark and secret burrows
death’s grateful cavern filled with jewels
the bear so graceful heavy climbing over logs
nighttime fire keeps us
safe and longing dawn
surprised a deer
like peaceful thoughts
distract us from lost
trail sheer rock walls
i hear you singing by my side
4.  heartbeat
you watch yourself die
your child draws you back to us
your drumming heart
so different in the morning sun
how grateful i am to know you
after all you’ve told me
the room, the doctors, the flatlining monitor
your heartbeat ended now
you fear no death
your mysterious heart
is my beacon
5.  the broken country
this tiny knife will cut you
as i walk the ancient moor.
from the farthest star a signal
will light the way inside you
the broken countryside is
sleeping now
you always sleep
while oceans drown
whole plains twist
empty seas and valleys one
bicycle, one child, one car
one breath is all i hope for
6.  on approach
my love a string of pearls on approach
a necklace strangling
wind, music, breath
a chorus of confused wishes
muffled sound behind the wall
if i disappear without a trace
who will ever know the music was so
clear this morning
7.   your house
what if i went to your house
and it was everywhere
how many answers
only one did i say to you
but i forget how many times i answered
or how you sang to me so many times
i will travel to the other ocean again
and when i come back
where will i find you
8.  cry in your arms
i want you to stroke
the frozen flowers and
blame me for forgetting that
you touch me under water
i listen for your breathing down there
your breasts like graceful dolphins
dream until i stroke you
a peaceful happiness that ends
in the marshland
i cry and wonder
why i told you
how long we can do this


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