Is it possible to have it all,
But at the same time feel so empty?
To feel so very tiny and small,
Yet have a tender heart so heavy?
Time passes and yet I feel nothing,
A broken record, perfectly fine.
Oh, how much I long to feel something!
It would be incredibly divine!
Lord, please hear my desperate prayer.
That the Holy Spirit can fill,
My emptiness and wishes to care.
I long to obey your Holy Will.


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Charlotte B. Williams
Environ 5 ans

This is beautiful, my desire also.

solitude- ntaoleng
plus de 5 ans

This is beautiful, it resonates with how I feel. So hollow, yet feeling.

Robert L. Martin
plus de 5 ans

The Holy Spirit is probably speaking to you right now. Listen to its kind words then thank God for putting them there.

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