Blue skies, calm day
Wooden ships sails sway,
Out in the distance people are curious,
For brutal attackers are furious
Boom! Bloodshed begins,
Powerful vessels and smirking grins,
Ones death receives an evil chuckle,
Frightening but revengeful battle.
Time seems like a thousand days,
Oceans seem to be small bays,
Wind blows water with intense rage,
Crashing against ships like a rampage.
Angry and dangerous people,
Attacks swift and graceful,
Cannons blast and diminish,
Dying crew is now finished.
Ship sinks and falls to the deep blue,
Nobody’s left except for a few,
Leaving vessel takes pride in their win,
Now the Uprising will begin.


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Charlotte B. Williams
Environ 5 ans

Sounds like an old movie. enjoyed this.

Julia W
plus de 7 ans

Well done!

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