Yes, the winds of love still blow,
and heat still melts the winters snow
The robin still sings, the black bird crows
Clouds billow across the skies in rows
The tide still ebbs from an aching sea
and a ravished heart still lives in me
For two to love is better than one,
but it’s not always the way, the world is spun


Sometimes love is lop-sided

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Debra Romero
over 6 years

Thank you Cory I did write one small piece but you haven't visited it yet.."Eternity Begins"

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
over 6 years

I agree completely. Very good poem. So true. Sandi

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Just a different voice... and its my pleasure sister poet... you are an amazing talent and a kind soul... still hoping to see you extend and expand your domain with some free verse :)

Debra Romero
over 6 years

What an awesome comment...better than my poem. Thank you for sharing and for reading

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Every book
On the shelf
Longs to be
To see
Lips pursed
Dusting off
The pages
Of their life
To feel
Those hands
Turn their soul
To leave
The shelf
No longer caring
Where or how
They are read
As long
As it is with
For the write one
They would rather
Burn their pages
For heat
Than ever face
Being returned
To the shelf

Debra Romero
over 6 years

Thank you for reading Gee. I appreciate your comments

Debra Romero
over 6 years

LOL yes hopefully Gordon, thank you for reading

over 6 years

nicely penned Debs, really good piece indeed.its an interesting subject hopefully we get wiser in love as we get older, well maybe!!. God bless,Gordon

over 6 years

Nice poem .As you get older and take notice of others relationships,it seems that so many are of the "lopsided"variety.Familiarity really does breed contempt

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