Here we sit
in timely fashion
For we be only
as a hint of breath;
Like a flower
placed on death’s grave
that quickly fades away
and time remembers no more
Fate given
eternity begins...

My attempt at free verse

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Cory Garcia
almost 6 years

Pretty soon your words will try telling their own stories :)
Thank you sister poet

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
almost 6 years

Good to hear from you my friend. I was a little worried. I think you'll do great with the Free Verse.

Debra Romero
almost 6 years

Hey Sandi, I have been off and on. And no I don't think I got your message but I have slept since then so who knows. Thank you for reading and for the encouragement. I am still tweaking it. Free verse has never been my forte but I'll continue to try off and on

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
almost 6 years

Great job. Pretty good. Soon you'll be doing all those Diamond shape words etc. I'm jealous! Lol. Not jealous only kidding. Play with it and have fun. Haven't seen you on here in the last few days. Are you feeling ok? I hope so. I sent you a message, did you ever get it? God Bless, Sandi.

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