Breath of beauty, smell of myrrh
For all my love it does stir
That of which my heart awakes
My lips of red softly quake
Your touch be, as gentle spring
All my heart melody sings
Flowing under crimson moon
Weaving into light of noon
I’ll lay with you, in fields of stone
There we tarry not alone
Tween the earth and somber sky
Overhead the angels fly


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Debra Romero
about 7 years

Thank you Cory for reading and for your comment. I don't have very many free verse poems but I do have a few. I have not posted them however. I am not real comfortable writing free verse but I may give it another whirl in the near future.

Cory Garcia
about 7 years

Love this...Your work is very inspiring...
but i also am
a fan of free verse as well...Challenge:
I think the words you recruit to tell your stories are too good to be confined to ryhme schemes all the time... i am curious and selficiously wanting to see what you can do with them once you remove the structure limitations and let them breathe... their life... into your songs...

Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
about 7 years

Very beautiful my friend.

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