I have been blinded by 24 years of dirt. Like an abandoned house that has windows you cannot see out of. Like these windows my eyes are covered with dirt, hoping to have a chance to see light, hoping that each day I ask for the tools to help clean my eyes of this thick deceitful dirt. Some days I see better than others, and some days it feel like I’m back to where I started, blind and lost. What can I be doing so wrong? Am I asking for the right tools from the right person. I drop to my knees look up to my ceiling and I begin to talk to god like he was sitting right next to me, I beg and plead for his acceptance and  forgiveness. Does he hear me? Does he except? Will he make this journey for me better by wiping the dirt from my misguided eyes. Or will I be left on this journey alone by myself to find out for myself the hard way. Either way I will keep going everyday until I find these tools to clean my eyes to see that light again and be by God’s side.
By: Donald Grafwallner


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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