It’s ironic that you crave “beauty sleep”
Because if you sleep to gain more beauty
Then rest assured that you need sleep no more
 —I’ve only seen such loveliness in dreams.
The way you look at me with your still eyes
Reels me in, yet, something’s holding me back.
But I can feel the grip getting looser–
and now our lips are getting closer.
Your frame has the delicacy of the
Rarest rose. You’re the love you meet in Rome.
You’re a queen, and by my side sits your throne.
You’re my best friend, and we are more than close.
I realize there’s no better selection.
For you are perfect at its perfection.


14-line Sonnet:
[Iambic Pentameter]

Love, passion, joy, commitment, family, content, gratitude, gorgeous

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Robert L. Martin
alrededor de 5 años

Wow. Patricia will sure love this one, alright. I'm sure she will.

más de 7 años

I really like this!

alrededor de 5 años

Thanks! XD

casi 8 años

Fine lines here Duce....:)

alrededor de 5 años

Thanks friend!

Cory Garcia
casi 8 años

That was perfect! Way to go brother!

alrededor de 5 años

Why thank you friend :)

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