Rejected, now I’m feeling neglected.
You know how it feels to be rejected?
You mean like when I applied to Harvard.
I thought I was guaranteed to get in,
Though the “dean” doesn’t golf with my father.
I don’t know, I might’ve seen acceptance,
If I used some better references.
Rejection; like when you asked out Kelly,
Expecting a more promising offer,
She told you that you weren’t “really” ready.
Yeah, I guess I know how rejection feels.
When the pain from rejection gets too real,
Like being hit with a rod made of steel,
You may take a break, but you never kneel.


Created my own formula for the classic 14-line Sonnet:
[Iambic Pentameter]

Optimism, preservation, strength, rejection, neglect, hope, anger, frustration, ambition, never quit, sonnet

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Cory Garcia
casi 8 años

You may take a break, but you never kneel.Thats what I am talking about! Nicely done!!!

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Cory Garcia

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