A bullett solves my problems
a barrell by my ear.
I hear the trigger shaking
Giving into fear.
The pain of lifes Struggles
the sting of my cruel fate
Fuels my suicidal side
Now I can’t think straight.
could a fraction of a second
be all that decides
if this pain is worth it
or if it’s time to die.
would my family miss me?
would they soon move on?
would the world be better
if I was truly gone?
Questions I must answer
thoughts inside my head
are the things that will determine
if tomorrow ill wind up dead.
I feel my grip tighten
sweat pours down my face
the hammer rockets forward
into an empty space
I forgot to load the bullets
This will never happen again
I realized in the last split second
I don’t want life to end.


Life, Death, Suicide, Contemplation, Meaning of life, Saved

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