to the future

The stars in my heaven have shone brighter of late.
Their twinkling arrays within my heartbeat now play.
The Autumns sun so short, appears to shine on late.
Hanging firmly to the horizon, as if it might stay.
But really nothing’s changed, in our wonderful world.
The stars of the night, shining no brighter than before.
The sun doing its work, before an autumn night’s cold,
Lingers no longer, before its horizons held call.
Twisted limbs on leafless trees no longer reach out,
To gouge at the imagination, and evoke a fears shout.
This dark muddied ground of melted old snow,
Now uses frost in the morning, what a magnificent show.  
It’s amazing to me that I didn’t see these before.
I’m astounded that my heart had closed a once open door.
So I thank you so much, for making me re see,
How the truly simple things, can so easily please.


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