Peaceful Precense:
Slowly find a quiet place,
Which captures your heart and comforts your soul.
Where moments of peace,
Weave into a web of complete perfection.                
Free as a cloud,
Your spirit reaches out to a horizon without any limitations.
Yesterday`s memories,
Drowned slowly with painless relief.
Walk the earth gently,
Where a thousand sun`s rays dance on the days to come.
Far in the distance
The past disappears like a dark emotion over the edge without regret.  
Silence is this moment,                          
Away from a life where there are no reservations.        
Presented by time for soul`s renovation.
As moments of truth offer us life`s gratification.
Soft sounds with soothing affection,
Reaches the mind on the soft evening breath.
The day waves good night to the sky with tender emotion.      
Leaving the soul with a gentle reflection.
With a wandering mind,
The eye catches the footprints left by yesterdays dreams.
A slow wandering pace into a future offered by tomorrow`s beliefs.      
Slowly time meets at the edge, where moon`s rays dances on the end of the day.  
Magic is born,
When the stars` promises dance on the moonlight`s thoughts        
Yesterday is lost in time, to open up space for another tomorrow to come.
The soul reaches peace when the magic of the moments meet.


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