Wordless Prayer:
On a lonely corner of a busy street,
Woman dressed in rags stares at her feet.
Hands clasped together for simple pleas,
Begging for help to heal the hurt she feels.
Empty arms where once a baby she held,
Heartfelt reminders still burning inside.
Touching his face and kissing his feet,
Holding him close to comfort his needs.
The nights were long the dark unkind,
No friendly hand to support and guide.
The streets were busy and people cruel,
For this lonely soul and their battle to rule.
Wide empty eyes stare into the night,
A wordless prayer for help to heal the aching inside
Food was gone and no money to borrow,
Hopeless mind drowning in sorrow.
Holding her treasure with pride in her heart,
Stars in the heavens shone bright with their light.
When the baby`s cries died in the night,
The stars disappeared far from her sight.
Her angel is gone, her heart in defeat
Only her memories leading her feet
The days were hard her prayers brief,
Desolate thoughts trapped in her grief.
Wrinkles on her face, caused by the years
Two empty hands drying her tears.
A lonely soul filled with sorrow.
Broken heart, praying for no tomorrow.

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