Some ears hear but do not listen,
Some eyes look but will not see,
Some hearts feel but refuse to love,
Some hands hurt but never heal,
Some feet run away and can not stay,
Some mouths speak but can not communicate,
Some minds think but never ever grow,
For all of these things begin,
With a desire of the soul.
Some look for answers everyone seeks
Some speak truths that free the meek
Some plant heels in the toughest of dirt, cultivating miracles watered with hard work
Some hold the broken with their backs to the wind, sewing up lives that were sure to end.
Some love with actions not a word needing to be said, open to give and open to live
Some see the wrongs and refuse to forget, force open shut lids for others  benefit
Some listen, memorizing the words of their lover,
and engrave them on their hearts
in precious gold and silver.

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