Born with it all to give not really knowing how to,
and die wishing you had more to put in the hearts and hands
of those who’ve dared love you.

It becomes easier to go when little pieces go ahead with those you loved,
on to the great unknown, somewhere just out of reach. Oh time has its way.
Born with a clean slate, takes time to learn to hate,
takes longer to learn how to love, seems easy in words, summarized like history from a book.

But it becomes easier to let it go when pieces go ahead in the palms of those you gave it all to,
on to the great unknown, Oh don’t you know, time has its way.

And how could I complain, if I’ve got to go too soon, it wasn’t what I expected, no it wasn’t easy, with so many so much greater taking that jump before me. They’re somewhere just out of reach.
How could I complain. Blessed just to feel the rain, oh don’t you know, time always has its way.

Learn to appreciate, see the value in trinkets you’ve thrown away, A moment in time that never will repeat, taking it all for granted thinking it will be better in a week. Youth can be a drug, blinding from the clocks only message, oh but you know, time still has its way.

And I knew I would love you from the start, didn’t know it would all be so hard but I’d do it all again. I had it all figured out, from the end to the start. Thought I’d just play my part but it made me be more than what was scripted.
Ya I didn’t have half of what I came with but you didn’t take much anyway,
you just wanted to share my day,
have someone to sleep next to,
Oh before time has its way.


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Cory Garcia
quasi 7 anni


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