It took my breath you know, took it and replaced it with fear tangible and hot. It took my life, just press on I keep hearing in my ear. I speak it to myself, just press on maybe joy will find you if you give enough, if you sacrifice enough, if you love enough, If you wait. Waves do crash loudly and punish the sand below moving it from where it was resting, moving it from where it needed to be. There is no room for rest and nothing is allowed to settle for long. Roots will be torn again and again by change. Is there anything more to say?  
I have lost my voice trying to justify my life, trying to find the reason to keep walking against careless waves. I have lost my language, only now simple words trying to wrap around emotion to grand to encase with such simplicity. It’s too much my friend and you know I’ve tried. Sacrificial life. When can we call it, when will it be enough? I just want to live a simple life, make some memories I don’t cringe at recalling. I just want it to be what it should, beautiful and full. I want to hold my babies without the wolf at the door. I’m tired of trying to save the world, I don’t want to help any more, I don’t want to trade my life finding only empty hands when the sun recedes. I’m tired and I’ve lost the voice to sing, I’ve lost the words worthy of a tune. I do it to myself holding out for the reward and hoping it is all but a gold laced mine dark only until a vein is found, illuminated at last by a tireless torch. Wasted.


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Ella Salamat
quasi 7 anni

Thank you very much! :)

quasi 7 anni

I've read this over and over , utterly captivated.

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