Trapped in reality,
my senses are dulling.
Drowning in questions,
I didn’t see coming.
Clawing to get up,
the stomping gets harder,
Try what I can,
its still forcing me under.
Heavy the burden,
a load I can’t bear.
Body is breaking now,
failing from wear.
Tears pouring down,
and struggling to see,
life is a shadow,
of what I’m told it should be.
Everything’s harder,
each passing day,
no safety from this,
no safe place to stay.
Inching my toes to the edge of a cliff.
Will peace come some day?
A calm that I’ll miss?
Biding my time,
holding my breath.
Feeling my hearts beat deep down in my chest,
What should I stay for?
What else could be left?
If I step off the edge,
God takes care of the rest.



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