My Love

Children cry,
I hold them close.
To me,
They’re what I cherish most.
What gift it is,
To see them through,
Pull them into this world,
From the far distant blue.
They know not the pain,
That they shall endure,
I prepare them in ways,
I offer them cures.
I can’t stay with them long,
Someday I’ll be gone.
I’ll move into their hearts,
I’ll come out in their songs.
I’ll do what I can,
To show them the way.
I grow more and more tired,
With each passing day.
If love could be summed up,
In the form of a word,
Their names alone,
My ears would have heard.
Their touch,
All the feeling,
Of feeling,
worth felt.
Their smiles,
All that dealing,
Of any one thing,
worth dealt.
Their souls are so precious,
So close to my own,
And their hearts so vast,
Are my forever home.


children love

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