Blocked by pain,
at every turn.
Collecting lies,
as lessons learned.
Feelings false,
as fate would have it.
Needing love,
and trying to grab it.
Take no more,
of what you can,
But give some back,
help someone stand.
Perusing problems,
assuming what’s there,
While our faults so apparent,
glare back in the stare.
Too alike to be separate,
too alone to see why,
But then shoulders to lean on,
When there’s need for a cry.
Can we see who we are,
through this paper thin veil?
Will the truth that is in us,
forge through and prevail?
Look through into someone,
see past hurt and rage.
See a suffering human,
still so trapped in that cage.
Take a moment to feel,
what this life is about.
In a minute imagine,
That your time has run out.



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