Wert Thou but ill’—that I might show thee
How long a Day I could endure
Though thine attention stop not on me
Nor the least signal, Me assure’—
Wert Thou but Stranger in ungracious country’—
And Mine’—the Door
Thou paused at, for a passing bounty’—
No More’—
Accused’—wert Thou’—and Myself’—Tribunal’—
Convicted’—Sentenced’—Ermine’—not to Me
Half the Condition, thy Reverse’—to follow’—
Just to partake’—the infamy’—
The Tenant of the Narrow Cottage, wert Thou’—
Permit to be
The Housewife in thy low attendance
Contenteth Me’—
No Service hast Thou, I would not achieve it’—
To die’—or live’—
The first’—Sweet, proved I, ere I saw thee’—
For Life’—be Love’—

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