What is’—"Paradise"'—
Who live there’—
Are they “Farmers”'—
Do they “hoe”'—
Do they know that this is “Amherst”'—
And that I’—am coming’—too’—
Do they wear “new shoes”'—in “Eden”'—
Is it always pleasant’—there’—
Won’t they scold us’—when we’re homesick’—
Or tell God’—how cross we are’—
You are sure there’s such a person
As “a Father”'—in the sky’—
So if I get lost’—there’—ever’—
Or do what the Nurse calls “die”'—
I shan’t walk the “Jasper”'—barefoot’—
Ransomed folks’—won’t laugh at me’—
Maybe’—"Eden" a’n’t so lonesome
As New England used to be!

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