if you could see my mind, i wonder if you’d treat me any different - for i have fought war, i have been in battle.
if i could paint a picture, i would paint you my thoughts, i’ll need every colour imaginable.
if eyes could tell our story, i wonder if you’d be surprised. would you look at me any different?
if you read the pages of my life i wonder if you could have guessed.
if emotions were a weather forecast, could you predict? ive been in dark storms, been hit by lightning & struggled through the mist.
on the blank canvas between us i want to fill with colour, i want you to see, because there is more than what meets the eye with me
every life has a story and every story has a meaning.

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Shaun Payton
almost 5 years

I love this. life is complex, we must study, learn and listen.

over 6 years

My pleasure ;)

Emma claire
over 6 years

thankyou for the comment :)

over 6 years

I love the word play when you say:
"if EYES could tell our story, i wonder if you'd be surprised. would you LOOK at me any different?"Brilliant! #bravo-Duce

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