Take me away
Take me away,
 wrap me in your arms. 
Will you look after me?    
 Can I tell you my secrets ?
Will you keep me safe?                         
All I see is darkness now & all I see is pain
& without you to reach out to I fear I’ll lose it again
I need to know you’re there for me.
I need to hold your hand.
Will you always look out for me?
Do everything you can?      
Im feeling quite unstable.
I feel you slipping away.
The emptiness inside me is Killing me today
Take me away         
Take me away
I dont think I can stay
I feel unloved
I feel left out
I just don’t feel ok
I need you now
I needed you then,
This torment inside happening again and again.
I dont understand
my feelings are confused
Im feeling alone.But my head is full of you
Take me away
Please Take me away
Far enough to forget.
Those lingering sorrows
My dreaded tomorrows
Days full of despair & regret
Sitting in silence
Staring at the wall
A tightening chest
A slamming door
Ive a lump in my throat
Hot tears on my cheeks.
Trying to hide Under pain stained sheets
Please tell me things will get better
Will I see the day?
Can you promise to be there?
Will we be ok?
When things look brighter Its true I begin to smile,
standing on mountains, running for miles.
Then the world so loudly, it crumbles all around me,
theres that earthquake again under my feet.
because the Joy never stays long I blink and its gone always feel defeat.
 Take me away
 Take me away
I dont belong here anymore.
Reach out for me, pick me up, wipe away my tears that nobody else sees
.Holding myself for comfort not wanting to let go.
I feel so afraid now,
im on my own,
 dare I look around me,
my hair on the floor
but my tingling hand I cant control it, I feel it reach out for more
.Im standing on that edge again except this time youre not there
.instead a large black hole before me, deep and full of despair
I let myself go, fall forward, free fall.
Falling falling, falling 


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An anthem for how we all feel at times!

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