(To My Hank)

My love, I’ve never felt this way. For so long I have kept my love at bay.
Although we are young, I know that you have changed this ever turning world.
Now is a time we both are in need of the arms that are our safety, we won’t toss and turn but we’ll both learn that falling is rather simple.
The crevasses in your back, the smile that crosses your cheeks is what my eye seeks. The way we speak, it makes me weak and the way you touch my face, I never want to leave this space.
Your atmosphere is were I want to be. Two hearts intertwined, changing these parts into one. You are my first love, this I know is true, every moment that is to come I hope to face them with you.


This poem is inspired by my first love, my boyfriend. He means everything to me. These words are for him and no one else.

love, relationships, loyalty

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