I did it for the journey.
Never did it for the goal.
To experience a learning process
and make magic of it all.
To turn the events into stories
and memories into scenes.
To make characters out of the people,
the animals, the places,
the items, the means...
I did it for the journey.
Never did it for the goal.
To write books about the journeys,
make myths, create symbols.
To add charm to what happened.
At every ascension and every fall.
To turn the gift into another gift
to a point of no return.
To know that behind every event,
there is a message to be learned.
And this message can be used to create,
to express, to animate.
To make life out of life.
And to understand that life,
is not just birth and not just death.
It’s about every moment,
and the unfolding of the process.
I’m doing it for the journey.
I’m not doing it for the goal.
To be immersed in every moment
and be in love with all!

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