What is it to be in love?
And why, when I look upon your face,
does the knowledge of this state of being in love wash over me?
It goes beyond reason or sense.
There is no mathematical formula that I can conjure;
though, brings light to everything unpure
in it’s understanding.
I don’t comprehend.
The potential of our love seems as infinite
as the stretch of space that the stars
can occupy.
Even as time goes by
living under the same roof,
sharing the same bed,
the more I learn to know you,
the more I realise how much
there still is to learn.
The more intimate we become,
the more intimate we still can become.
I never quite understood before,
how two people could grow together
and never tire of each other.
(Though I was certain of its possibility.)
Marriage was a theory I’d comprehended only through imagination.
But over the years,
I’ve started to see its reality.
Love can grow so deeply,
Past infatuation,
conflicts, dissolution, forgiveness, resolution...
It’s within my belief that marriage
holds the greatest potential to
learn about love;
the largest and most exquisite vessel
that can be filled with that essence that is
the true nature from which
I believe we stem.

Written on the 9th of May, 2016

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