To my husband

As the doors to the heavens open out,
my heart opens out
to your unfolding embrace.
I am where I am.
And you are where you are.
And where you are is also here.
And where I am, I am
sailing across the vertical horizon.
And as I sail I call out to you,
“Come, and with me, sail along.”
Then I hear you call,
“I am.”
Then I know that we’re sailing together.
The wind carries with it enchanting melodies,
and I recognise that it is you singing.
You’re magical singing, that beautiful voice
that echoes with the depths of crystal caves,
resonating pure luminous truths.
Oh Love,
How I long to be even nearer to you.
My spirit calls out to sing with you.
To melt into the tenderness of your sweet embrace,
and to glide with the cool breeze that your smile emanates.
To paint with the light that your brilliant eyes radiate.
To invent, discover, create,
with your magnificent mind.
To dance unbounded by space-time,
with your ageless spirit.
And to create new forms,
with the energy that is spawned,
when our essences fuse together.
Oh Love,
A being of pure light you are.
Given shape by love itself.
An angel
that temporarily fell from the heavens.
Fell, to realise true love with another.
Fell, like I did fall.
Yet now we’re rising together.
We are building a ship out of the stuff of wisdom,
are forming a gateway out of the truth that comes,
are producing a driving force out of the bliss that spawns.
And so we sail up this gateway across the vertical horizon,
to the doors of the heavens that are beginning to open,
to welcome us home;
two gathered,
as One.

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alrededor de 4 años

I love oxymorons and "Vertical Horizon" is my favorite. I have been planning to write something using that title but you beat me to it. LOL

Nice poem. Lucky husband.

alrededor de 4 años

Hello Esther, you have inspired me to write my own version of "Vertical Horizon" , finally! Thanks for the inspiration

Esther Yasmin Groeneveld
Esther Yasmin Groeneveld
alrededor de 4 años

@Vic: That's wonderful. You are welcome. I look forward to reading what it has inspired you to write. And thank you for the comments. I wasn't certain about the oxymoron, but it seemed to describe the experience well. It's nice to know that you like it and that it has inspired you!

alrededor de 4 años

@Esther Yasmin Groeneveld: iI posted the poem yesterday...


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