Take away my pride

Take away my pride;
all false interpretation
of who I actually am
and my place in creation.
Let me now see my face
and shine light on what I run away from.
Let me see myself in truth
and all that must be taken.
Let me be nothing again.
Because in that innocence I was born.
In the water of truth I bathed
and from love I was spawn.
Before I knew myself
as something I was not,
I was a seed of innocence;
a seed of unblemished ignorance.
I knew myself not.
But I did exist in bliss.
And then I was confronted
with myself as nothingness.
And from the fear of this nothingness
I created an illusion of myself.
I ran away from truth
and identi ed with material wealth,
which in itself,
is empty.
and nothing, nothing at all.
So now I wish to start again;
to let identications crumble.
Let my pride be taken away.
Let me again be humble
and forget who I verified myself to be,
when I ran away from the empty space
that was my face
without the light shun on it.
Let me retreat to the empty space.
Let my false-self die in this place.

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Charlotte B. Williams
alrededor de 4 años

I agree that it's much better to be humble. Pride will cause us to fall.

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