Life, Journey, Faith, Love, Hardships,

Let me drown out the world for a bit,
That I might extinguish the fire they’ve lit.
Let me tear down these walls from within,
So that I may dissolve the weight of my sin.
I scorched them all up with the flames of my tongue,
I’ve spent many a night with my head lowly hung.
I’ve burned many a bridge to build anew,
I’ve crashed out of the cage and away I flew.
I need to be strong to build what I love,
I need to have faith in God up above.
May I be at peace in my path,
May I lose the chains of my wrath.
When I feel the selfish weighing in,
I’ll look to God and bear a grin.
May He grant me the grace and love to overcome,
Times when others may succumb .
Let me drown out the world today,
Make the confusion go away.
In every aspect and every way.
Let the water runneth over me,
Bless me again with eyes that see. (2016)C.L.L.

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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

He sees everything about you, alright. even things that you didn't know.

Fatima Amal
about 4 years

Thank you both! Everyday I talk to Him :)

about 4 years

Excellent poem. I love it!

Charlotte B. Williams
about 4 years

Very nice poem, sounds like you communicate with God a lot. We have that in common.

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