Love, soul mates, dreaming, destiny, sorrow, life

It was a pull I felt that led me to you,
A waking dream I would have when I was blue.
I never imagined life would become real,
Or experience all that I feel.
I see now when it did all begin,
I see now what I didn’t see then.
A wider look at an aerial view,
Waking visions which have led me to you.
A walk along a beaten path,
Lined with sorrow, deceit, and wrath.
Guided by two wings of gold,
Delivered by God’s hands to mold.
Fate led me to that place with you,
Of mystery, gold and blue.
In your quiet way you flowed about,
Falling victim to my doubt.
The wheels working over-time between our minds,
As intuition slowly grinds.
Two mirrors face to face,
I long to return to that place.
Where my soul remembered what it loved,
The things of which my heart is made of...
Poetry, reading, music and art,
Where routine crowds and winter depart.
A pull so hard it breaks the bones of my heart,
A sorrow so loud I wonder how it did start.
A pain so deep forms a well in my gut,
An ache so sharp leaves my soul bled and cut.
So many signs, that they could not fill all the book,
So many feelings to fill my heart’s nooks.
I left you with faith in my heart and hope up my sleeve,
That from my world you should never leave.
Yet still now I know,
No more than before.
My heart awaits release from it’s pain,
My soul cries to be cleansed in the rain.
I slip through love’s hands like a ghost laid in wait,
I wander aimlessly amidst the stretched arms of fate.
~c.l.l./Fatima amal

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