the starlit harbor view
peeked in from the window
moonbeams bathe them
they cast a giant shadow
on the wall,
their silhouettes locked in an embrace
a vision of love,
hearts beating as after a chase…
it’s the end of a perfect day,
he kissed her lips
sweet as nectar,
as always, his heart skips
she hugged him tightly,
squeezing him as if to say
please stay for all tomorrows
starting from today
maybe he should!
if only he could!
he would...
© F Aparici  7/21/2015


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Anna Molly
presque 7 ans

I think everyone has in their own way. Heartbreak is incredibly diverse

wil kavi
presque 7 ans

can't say where you've been hanging about....but feel i've been there too.... :)

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